Changes in the processes of work and study;

communication life in Moscow; leaving Moscow for Israel, a period during which my work was observed by Weisberg from a distance; a crisis, and the  search for my own themes and acuity.



1.Kitchen table, 1969
2.Still life with napkin, 1971
3.Kitchen ware, 1971
4.Dry flowers, 1973
5.Portrait of Y. Shtreichman, 1974
6.Still life 1974
7.Portrait of artist's mother, 1975
8.Portrait V.Weisberg 1976
9.Ira, 1977
10.Bat Yam, 1978
11.Homage to Mantegna, 1978
12.Russian tea, 1979
13.Miri, 1979
Ira, 1979
Jaffa. sunny day 1979
Katya, 1981
Lucky, 1981
Tami in grey, 1981
Tami in pink dress, 1981
Winter day in Jaffa, 1981

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